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| homeboy on the stoop | in the stadium | grinning at the wind | hot morning blues |
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solo dancing - drunk-
confetti people clutching
gaudy stranded beads


big city stares
thru greasy window smears
chewing coffee grounds


under sun glaring
steel beams and concrete

her hair -
fluorescent pink spikes
demure demur


sunrise reveals
sleeping whore's makeup
traces of wrinkles


velvet drapes
once heavy
now luster


homeboy on the stoop
sweat soaked muscle tee and shades
fanning baby


in the stadium
she performs with perfect grace...
twenty thousand cheers
in her dream, parallel bars...
clutching her walker, she bows


grinning at the wind
old woman sits in pee...
her own warm pool


hot morning blues
chicory in my coffee
then there's vodka


drunk alone
dancing with air
i answer


brawling bodies
sleep now


purple grackle
on a dimming street lamp
drops seeds



as i trace the mosaic
of my self

Poems by lee schaefer, aka ZonedCat ©copyright1997,98,99,2000
Sketches by bill schaefer ©copyright 1997,98,99,2000

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