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      How you can help Sena Foundation...

      Sena Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization and a United Way Agency. The Pear Blossom Festival is our only fundraiser to date. We offer all of our services free of charge, but we do have various operating expenses and rely on private grants and donations to sustain us. 

      Your gifts are graciously accepted and appreciated and are tax deductable.

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I___________________________________, wish to make a donation to Sena Foundation.

Enclosed is my check for $______________________________________.

Please use the snail mail address below:

Sena Foundation

108 South Main Street

Bowling Green, VA 22427

We at Sena Foundation thank you and appreciate any amount that you care to share with us.
Be sure and include your own return snail mail address so that we can send you a receipt along with our tax ID number.

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