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Mary Pinschmidt
Date of Death - 12/1998

Beloved wife of former Sena Board member, Wm. Pinschmidt.
Mary, you will be sorely missed by all.

The Sena Staff 

Hazel Mahler - Sena Board Member
Date of Death - 12/1998

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Robbie Ivy Jeter
02/04/1933 - 08/09/1998

Mamaw we Love You very much. You will be missed alot by family and friends.


Erik R. Lemmer
03/29/1977 - 05/10/1997 

"My Only Son 4U"

Erik, here is an excerpt from the poem you wrote, and your friends had set up at your wake. 

Orange highlght breeze..send a chill through me; please..recognize that what I say is for you it's all for you. I love you everyday and night, nothing could replace my lost love, I will love you forever and my heart will always be empty without you. 

Love you Mom xxooxoxo

Steven Mueller
1951 - 1999

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Adam John Conger 07/03/1978 - 3/28/1998 
Dedicated to the Memory of  Our Son and Brother


We think of you in silence, 
And often speak your name. 
But all that is left to answer us 
Is a picture in a frame.
You wished no one of us farewell 
No one ever said good-bye. 
You were gone before we knew it 
And only God knows why.
A golden heart stopped beating 
Your tender hands at rest 
God broke our hearts to prove to us 
He only takes the best. 
If stairs were made of heartaches 
By adding tear drops too, 
We'd climb the stairs to 
Heaven And spend each day with you.
To some you are forgotten, 
To others part of the past, 
But to those who love you dearly, 
Your memory will always last. We will always love you. Author Unknown

Adam, you were taken from us tragically and unexpectedly. We all miss you dearly, and our lives will never be the same. Someday soon, we will all be together as a family once again.
We love you. 
Mom, Dad, and AJ momoney@together.net

Shirley Almstedt Sheck
02/18/1929 - 10/1998

Mom passed last nite.
Sis's phone voice, a chill breeze, 
the porch swing creaks and a lone
monarch rests on cushion mums-
echoes of wings overhead.

Norma Jesse Almstedt
11/14/1910 -05/1997

Gramdma, Your memory 
has brought me many joyful
moments to pause, and stories to tell my own grandson. Thank You for everything.

Wendy Jo Heinen
04/19/1965 -10/14/1996

Wendy we will always remember the light you brought into our lives. And we'll always love you.
Your Aunt, Lee

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