"Daybreak"by Maxfield Parrish
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        Grief ,Loss and Healing Resources

        Growth House, Inc., provides a comprehensive directory of reviewed resources for terminal illness support. SEARCH THE GROWTH HOUSE DATABASE   http://www.growthhouse.org/

        Ayer Company Publishers,You may find books which interest you from  among  12,000 titles.http://www.scry.com/ayer/litdeath/title00.htm

        Fernside, founded in 1986, is a non-profit, non-denominational organization serving grieving children and their families. At Fernside, we know that the grieving child has the capacity to rebuild, so we gently encourage sharing of stories, feelings and memories with trusted friends, honoring each one's search for a new beginning. http://www.fernside.org/grownups/how.html

        Invincible Summer,Support for those who have lost their only or all children . Also many good links to other resources. http://www.drizzle.com/~hall/invsum/

        Local Sites Virginia, USA

         Sena's local ISP-Thanks for all the help, Frank!


        Helpful Sites for Nonprofits

        Idealistis an online directory of over 10,000 nonprofit and community organizations working in 120 countries. Idealist is fully interactive, allowing any organization - whether it has a Website or not - to enter and update detailed information about its services, volunteer opportunities, job and internship listings, and any publication or material it has produced. Idealist is located athttp://www.idealist.org .


          International MS Support FoundationInternational MS Support Foundation is independent from all other multiple sclerosis organizations, joining hands and hearts to work together in a common goal. The Foundation is run soley by volunteers.

          Internet Organ Donor Organ Donors Page 

          Legacy International is a non-profit educational organization associated with the United Nations as a non-governmental organization. http://www.legacyintl.org/

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