In Loving Memory

 Hazel Mahler
April 16, 1910 - Nov. 19, 1998

"Love fills you...When you give it away."
Hazel sure made those words come true...she gave so much love.~ John Votta
Hazel Mahler -A woman I will always remember as a wonderfully independent spirit.~Lucinda Lynard
Hazel Mahler Memorial Fund

Editha and Robert Williams
Marjorie Massey
John Votta
Katherine Buckman
Lee and Bill Schaefer

Mischelle Messenger
Lucinda Lynard
Ida Votta
Sena Foundation and the Family of Hazel Mahler would like to thank the contributors to the 
Hazel Mahler Memorial Fund.
In an ongoing outreach to the community, the funds will be used  to defray the costs of transporting clients to and from doctor and chemo appointments, with the Sena Wheelchair Lift Van. If you would like to contribute, please make checks payable to "Sena Foundation" and mail them to: Sena Foundation, 
c/o Hazel Mahler Memorial Fund, 108 South Main Street, Bowling Green, VA. 22427.